Sunday, November 16, 2014

woman chooses to commit to her marriage vs. walking away

Wouldn't it be great to see headlines like this one covering the popular magazine covers in the WM checkout line instead of what we regularly see? Read Stephanie's testimony below as she shares how she had an encounter with God in a recent Life Action conference.
"God has shown me in these days that my marriage IS WORTH SAVING!! I was not in a good place when we started our revival summit. I prayed all the way to church on Tuesday night that no one would ask me how I was, because I didn't want to have to lie. I was a mess. My life was crumbling around me and I couldn't see light. BUT GOD has shown me that I can lean on Him when I feel weak. I don't have to do this alone. I can be faithful in my marriage and leave a legacy for my children. Although it will never be easy and it will take alot of hard work, and there may still be dark days, I am NOT alone. Satan has told me so many lies!! He has told me to leave - to just walk away - but I know God has blessed my marriage and with God's help, we can make it! Thank you so much for what you have shown me and my family. God is so good!!!"

- a family is set free -

Melissa Manley - mom
"I lost my son in a tragic accident 12 years ago. Since then, it has been an ongoing healing process in my soul. What Life Action brought to me was revival in my heart. God revealed to me, that from that night 12 years ago, I had stopped really believing in His goodness. My bitterness in God not answering a faith filled prayer, bled through my entire life almost destroying my marriage, and my relationship with my only living son. He revived my heart, brought a deeper healing, and opened my eyes to how my grief was not mine alone. He showed me His goodness, His mercy, His timely healing. Praise God!!"

River Manley - son
"God found me in a deep depth of darkness between having a dirty tongue, hanging around wrong people, and being very mean and disrespectful to my mom. I have stayed angry at God for calling my brother home to heaven 12 years ago. He really opened my heart up and basically I surrendered all of those things to Him. I even admitted a sin to one of my friends that really had a lurking power over me for so long. After I put that sin out in the open, Satan lost his power over it. I miss my brother very much, but I know I will be united with him again someday. God's grace is enough for me. I don't feel angry all the time anymore and he has really worked with my spirit."

Dale Manley - dad
"God has become first in my life, not me first anymore. I have really taken in that I should treat my wife as a precious stone. I am willing to do that now, and look at my family through God's eyes. I also learned and soaked in to always and everyday to keep my family covered in prayer."

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back on the Road

Roanoke Valley Christian School Chapel
We are back on the road, after a very busy summer, and have concluded our fourth 4-day THIRST conference of the year in High Point, North Carolina. Needless to say, we have had 4 busy weeks as 2 of our THIRST conferences were at churches that had Christian schools on the property (each one had 700+ students), so not only was our team ministering each evening, but they also taught and led worship during the day at the school chapels. We are currently in our first 8-day SUMMIT of the year in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our team is thankful for the rest we will get on the back end of this Summit before beginning another couple of 4-day conferences. 

Prior to coming back on the road this year, we taught at our Life Action Labor Day family camp. Our retreat campus was full with 28 families (100 children total!!), who made the decision to PAUSE from the daily routine, RECONNECT, and ENGAGE with the Lord and with each other! Our weekend was filled with meaningful worship, Biblical teaching, great food, afternoons on the lake boating, canoeing, swimming, tubing, and evenings around the campfires. You can click here on the word camp and enjoy seeing all that took place!!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Wakulla Springs Baptist Church


Friday, February 1, 2013

Testimonies from Senatobia, MS

We just arrived at First Baptist Church, Oxford, MS. Pray that the Lord would meet us here as we begin our THIRST conference this Sunday, February 3, 2013.


Testimonies from Lifepoint, Senatobia, MS

"I was angry with my husband before I came to the THIRST conference. During my time here, I realized that it was not my husband's fault that I was angry with him. It was my fault. I realized that I was not respecting him. I was not trusting him to be the leader of our home. I was being controlling, mean, and unloving to him. I was led to repent and ask God to forgive me and I also asked my husband to forgive me. I now feel peace in my heart and just relief!! Thank you for your ministry and for coming to Lifepoint."                                    Scarlett Reavis

"Thank you so much for coming to my church and helping me re-awaken and strengthen my relationship with the Lord. The teachings really opened my eyes to the importance of forgiveness, and because God first forgave me, I have no excuse for not forgiving those who have wronged me. "

"This week has been a powerful week. The Lord found me with the need for refreshment that comes from the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Just being able to sit with my wife at service, discuss the sermon at home, and pray together has been so refreshing. It is because of these focused times of repentance and confession that I leave refreshed and filled!"

"I have been sitting on the "pilot light" for awhile now. I feel that these 4 days have woken me up and turned the fire back to where it needs to be. I have been reminded that through my hurts and heartaches, I have a testimony and an ability to use those hurts for the glory of God. This is such an encouragement to me. I will move forward and step into RADICAL living for God. Thank you!"

"When the team came here to Lifepoint, I was drifting in the world, coming to church, but feeling resentful and angry. Being a part of this THIRST conference has reminded me of where my heart really is and to whom I should be looking for help, guidance, and love. That One is Jesus."

"I have felt so hopeless. I didn't want to come. I didn't want to hear anything spiritual and Biblical. I was hurting so bad. But God whispered to me a message of hope. And I heard Him. I walked out the 3rd night knowing whose I am, and I must keep on. I CAN keep on, and finish strong, with God's help!!"

"At the beginning of this week, God found me lonely and controlling in my marriage. I thought I needed to tell my husband how to do everything. I did not realize I was doing this or how disrespectful I was being to him. I also realized how little I trust people because of past hurts in my life. God has opened my eyes to how sinful I am and how gracious and forgiving He is. My eyes and my heart have been opened and I feel a new closeness and trust with my husband. We have been praying together every night."

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Testimony from Bartlett, TN

This week has helped reinforce what God has been saying to me. I have idols!
I was called to teach at age 16. I currently teach 2nd grade at a Christian school,
and I become so involved with my students, bringing their problems and paperwork
home. I am having physical problems and my husband and 3 children get what's
"left over." I am consumed with being the best teacher and making the most
difference of any teacher. I am worshipping my job... feeding selfishness and pride.
I got ride of my idols  Sunday evening!1 Praise the Lord!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Testimonies from Show Low, AZ

We had 3 1/2 hours of testimonies this morning, with individuals confessing sin, repenting, and seeking forgiveness!!! Fathers restored to their wives and children, children restored to their parents, men and women sharing about returning to the Lover of their soul, Jesus Christ!! We give Him the glory for all He has done.

"I have been living in such sin that I had pushed past my conscience into... numbness. This week, God has begun to give me my conscience back. I've had so many idols in my life, and I wasn't giving God time."

Husband - "I suffer from anxiety. Actually, I use it as an excuse to get out of things. I've also suffered from depression. I didn't know what it meant to spriitually lead my wife. I have embraced so many worldly things, including pornography. I need God's help to be the man that I need to be for my family."
His wife - "I give all the glory to God for what He's doing in our lives. This past year, I have overcome an alcohol addiction and I've never known how not to lead. The Lord has shown me this week that my role is to be the wife. Not to be the strong one, but to let my husband lead."

"God has removed my bitterness, anger and selfishness. He has given me His joy!! I've lost 10 poumds on the inside!!"

"Last December, my husband left me. I thought I had good reason to be bitter and angry. I now know I have to lift God's Word above my emotions and be obedient and forgive, recognizing it's the first step to my healing."

"I have lived in total and utter darkness. Broken home. Broken marriage. Broken soul. God said to me, 'Hear my Word. Open your eyes. Put your trust in Me. I will never leave you nor forsake you.' I have been separated for 6 months, and this week, I have immersed myself in His Word. Thursday night, my wife sat beside me!! I praise Him and thank you for your prayers!!"

"I have been sexually abused. I wanted to forgive, but not from my heart. This week, God showed me that I needed to forgive from my heart, and with His help, I have done that."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2011-2012 Schedule


THIRST Sept. 11-14
Berrien Center, Michigan

THIRST Sept. 18-21
Flushing, Michigan

THIRST Sept. 25-28
Wabash, Indiana

THIRST Oct. 2-5
Poplar Bluff, Missouri

SUMMIT Oct. 9-16
Marion, Illinois

THIRST Oct. 23-26
Slidell, Louisiana

THIRST Oct. 30-Nov. 2
Rome, Georgia

THIRST Nov. 6-9
Milton, Florida

SUMMIT Nov. 13-20
Brownsburg, Indiana

MISSIONS Nov. 27- Dec. 7

THIRST Jan. 8-15
Bay City, Texas

THIRST Jan. 22-25
Denison, Texas

THIRST Jan. 29-Feb. 1
Midland, Texas

SUMMIT Feb. 5-12
Farmington, New Mexico

THIRST Feb. 19-22
Ruidoso, New Mexico

THIRST Feb. 26-29
El Paso, Texas


Tucson, Arizona

SUMMIT Mar. 11-18
Show Low, Arizona

SUMMIT Mar. 25-Apr. 1
Reno, Nevada

OPEN Apr. 8-11

SUMMIT Apr. 15-22
Lodi, California
(near Sacramento)

THIRST Apr. 29-May 2
Beaumont, California
(near Los Angeles)

THIRST May 6-9
Colorado Springs, Colorado

OPEN May 13-16

THIRST May 20-23
Fort Worth, Texas

OPEN May 27-30

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Mexico THIRST conference and El Paso THIRST conference testimonies

"This conference woke me up about my leadership at home with my wife and kids. I need to ask my son for forgiveness for not teaching him how to be a spiritual leader."

" Our family has been going through alot of battles, and the Lord has shown me that I can't change others. I need to allow God to change me. I have not obeyed the Lord in the area of my marriage. I need to be my husband's helper, his cheerleader. Wow! Just with that truth, there has been a tremendous change in my family. Thank you so much for coming. Also, the Lord is doing a work in my 3 teenage children who have been blessed by your ministry."

"This revival conference has been life changing for me. I now understand my role as a father, husband, and follower of Christ."

"I am 17 years old. I left my home the Thursday before the Sunday that your team got here. I left my house for 4 days and I came to the Sunday service. Because of what God did Sunday morning, my family is closer and we are working together to draw near to God. Thank you."

"I am convicted about the need to show my husband the respect and honor he deserves. I have a wonderful husband and he deserves more from me. I started the 30-day Husband Encouragement Challenge today and have asked my 14-year-old daughter to hold me accountable. My husband is one of God's sweetest gifts to me."

"My husband and I have connected on a level that we never have before. Praise God for what He is doing in my life!!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's so great when men start praying with their wives. Just listen to these testimonies from wives in a recent summit.

"This week has been amazing, exhausting, but most importantly, it has been convicting. God has revealed truths to me that I didn't want to hear. I hope and pray that my family will NEVER be the same again. It hasn't stopped with me - my husband cancelled a business trip to attend this revival (that's nothing short of a miracle). He also sat on the side of our bed and prayed with me for the first time in our 14 year marriage!! My two young daughters have also been touched this week. I praise God for working in each of our lives individually and also as a family. I'm excited about where we are going and I'm praying for open hearts and obedient spirits. Thank you for coming - for giving of yourselves."

"On Thursday, my husband received a call to do some work with the State Attorney's office (he is a retired attorney). He has not had a call in the 4 years he has been retired. He will take this job at current attorney fees - and it speaks to his integrity for his past work - also his character. My husband and I took hands and prayed about this before he gave his answer - something we had never done before the revival!!!"

"It has been a true blessing from God to have you all with us here in Farmington. Personally, I have been challenged to be H.O.T. (honest, open, and transparent). The messages confirmed my desires to be obedient to God in ways He will surely reveal. Also, a miracle occured when my husband of 34 years took my hand on Tuesday night before we went to sleep and said, "Let's pray together." We hadn't done that for 30+ years!!! There in the dark, I had the biggest smile on my face as he began to pray. Praise God and may He bless you all in your work."

"This week has been great to help direct me in my marriage. We have been married 27 years and the last several years have been a struggle. Threats of leaving and divorce have been a common convesation at our home. In the past 6 months, we have really been trying to listen to what we know God's plan is for our lives. This week's lessons on marriage have helped me open my heart more to listen rather than talk. It has helped my husband express himself better. I will continue to seek God's will and please pray for us!!"