Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wayside Baptist Church, Miami, FL

Well, we are pulling out of Wayside Baptist Church in Miami, Florida, heading to New Port Richey, Florida, where we will begin our next conference this Sunday, Jan. 17th. We have had a great 4-day conference here at Wayside with many individuals responding to the Lord in obedience to the lover of their soul, Jesus Christ. Night after night, they have come with hearts prepared to learn and grow in their intimacy with the Lord. The cultural diversity here in Miami is refreshing as there are many, many people groups represented in this city. Our ladies luncheon was full with 150 women attending, and many women have made a fresh commitment to being true women of God in respecting and honoring their husbands, teaching the Word of God to their children, loving those that are hard to love and digging deeper into God's Word. We depart with grateful hearts for all the Lord has done, and we will be posting some pictures and testimonies very soon. We love you all and thank you for your love and care for our family.