Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dothan, Alabama....

We are in Dothan, Alabama at Ridgecrest Baptist Church. Our THIRST conference this week can be viewed on our Life Action website via Live-Stream. Simply go to and you'll see it on the home page.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Columbus, Mississippi

young woman -

"I have been in a bitter, angry mode of life. My heart has been hardened towards people. The "horizontal beam" of my cross-centered life was out of balance. The quote, "Don't underestimate your ability to hurt someone" really spoke to me. When Ryan taught on having a clear conscience, I knew there was a friend of mine that I just had to talk to. This morning, I got up and sent an e-mail to her asking her for forgiveness. I have been relieved about it all day!!! A peace has come over my soul, and I am so blessed by it!!!"

young wife -

"I have been hurt, in a broken marriage, dealing with the anger and pain of an unfaithful spouse. I came asking God to break my husband and lead him to repentance, but realized that I need to be broken myself. I have been able to let go of the hurt and pain, even though I had already forgiven him and overcome the hurt. I now understand that he has his own appointment with God. I can't change him. I must love him. I have been able to see areas I needed to ask forgiveness for, and I have asked for that forgiveness. God has begun to heal my heart."

young mother -

"Unforgiveness, bitterness, and having a clear conscience are areas that I have refused to address in my life, but in these past four days, the Lord has given me the courage to obey Him and deal with things that happened a long time ago. What a blessing to feel God's forgiveness and strength."

young mother -

"The Lord has shown me this week that I have put my children first, before the Lord and my husband. I made mistakes and I have been so prideful. My role as a mother had taken precedence over my role as a wife and daughter of the King, my King Jesus. This is not only wrong, but it is a disservice to my children!! They need a mother who is intimate with Christ. Thank you for being bold enough to be honest and challenge me in my walk."

father -

"I have been trying to live a "good" Christian life, yet I was lacking in so many things, especially in having a consistent prayer life. I always have an excuse. I know the Lord has begun a work in me to bring about the change that is needed."

young man -

"I have been challenged this week to confess my pride, which manifested itself in me trying to do ministry in my own strength. I am committed to abandon the idol of my selfish pride and to seek the strength of my Saviour, Jesus Christ."

young wife -

"I have been an absent Christian. I had stopped praying, stopped reading my Bible, and quit going to church. I am in the process of a divorce, so I had started drinking due to depression and emptiness from the hurt and anger toward my husband. I had a very heavy conscience and have been carrying a ton of baggage!! This revival has been just that - a revival!! It was what I needed to renew my faith, and being closer to my God. I have been praying, reading the Word and listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying to me. He has begun a good work in me, and He will be faithful to complete it."

wife -

"My husband and I have experienced some hurt in our marriage. I needed to hear the sermon on forgiveness. God has helped me to let go of the hurt and bitterness. I have realized that I must seek forgiveness as well. Human nature tends to only recognize my hurt and sorrow. With God's help, our marriage is and will only get better."

mother of 4 young children -

"I have felt dry and used up. My life is so consumed and busy as I am the mother of four young children. Over the past few days, I've realized that I shouldn't feel like I don't have time for a ministry. My life is my ministry!!! My life in front of my husband and my children!! They need to see me worship the Lord. They need to hear me adore my Saviour. They need to feel me touch them while praying for them. This revival has truly been a time of refreshing and reminding me of who God is and how completely worthy He is of all my praise!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Leesburg THIRST conference

Our THIRST conference here in Leesburg, Florida ended last night with a prevailing spirit in which there was an acknowledgement of corporate and individual need expressed to God, as the entire body flooded the altar and cried out for His grace. One senior saint stated that it had been nearly two decades since the church responded in a corporate manner as it did last night and what a beautiful picture it was!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Baptist Church, Leesburg, Florida


"I struggle with a drug addiction that has nearly claimed my life several times. Today, I have been clean for over 6 months, but I still struggle with the wreckage from my past and the deep rooted battle with sin in my life. The Lord, through the Life Action team, and by His power and grace, has awakened me to the hope and knowledge that I can serve our Lord Jesus Christ in a mighty way despite where my addiction has taken me. I have been convicted of the hate and selfishness in my heart, and the team inspired me to give all of myself to the Lord. I am now praying diligently for God to give me guidance and show me how I may be of service and further the message of the gospel to those who are currently where I once was. God has begun to work on my heart and break the pattern of me seeking to satisfy my selfish and sinful desires, and my wholeness is found in Jesus Christ."

"Before this conference, God found me lacking in joy. There were many things I was continuing to put before Him that hindered my dependence on Him. I truly wanted more intimacy with Him and I have been brought to His throne in a new and refreshing way, trusting Him for all provisions and realizing I was not giving my husband the place of respect I should."

"I have been bitter and angry with my husband. We are both believers, but we are struggling big time. These nights "and the ladies luncheon have reminded me of the steps I need to take. The words and notes are invaluable to my quiet times. I must go slowly through the list of things I need forgiven of. My husband doesn't treat me right, but I have been wrong. God held me accountable for me. Thank you for laying a path out for me to follow. Today for the first time in a long time, I sense a mustard seed sized bit of hope in my heart."

"Following Sunday, I was convicted about how I had allowed my mornings to become more involved with the world than with God. The next morning, I refused to check e-mail, voice mail, or even watch the news. I filled my morning with prayer, meditation, and eating breakfast. I was missing my time with God!! That has changed!! Folliwing the 2nd day of the conference, I used the message handout to read through the Scriptures. I discovered so many sins in my life. Hours of Scripture, reflection, and prayer now fill my mornings. I know this is something I really needed. I soon expect to have a church to pastor. I will never forget this revival time. Thank you."

"Thank you for getting my attention!! I have been saved for nearly 20 years. I go to church regularly and tithe. However, I'm far from where I know God wants me to be. In regards to my time, talents, and treasures, there is so much more I can and need to do for the kingdom of God. I think I'm beginning to get it finally thanks to four straight days with the team. Thank you, Lord, for waking me up and refreshing me."

"The most important thing God has revealed to me this week is in the area of forgiveness. I have been married for two years, but the whole first year, we were separated. The enemy led me to believe there was someone better for me. I was committing adultery and wasn't even thinking twice. God has brought me home and He has set me free from my sinful nature. I know that I am forgiven and my husband and I are working on our marriage with Christ in the center. He deserves all the glory because only He can fix a broken soul."

"God has spoken to me about resolving the issued between my father and myself. He (God) has told me to write a letter to my father several times and express my feelings, but I have been stubborn. I would write the letter, but always failed to put it in the mail. Well, that has all changed today. I wrote the letter, but not as harshly as the past ones. I asked him for forgiveness and told him I forgave him. I have every intention of putting it in the mail first thing tomorrow. Maybe, I need to write it several times to get it just right. Thank you, God, for everything you have done for me and everything you will do."