Thursday, November 10, 2011

"For most, if not all of my life, I have worn a mask. I have lived what others might say is a blessed life. Others have told me what a giving, loving person I am. What a great mother I am. And I never let on that I truly wasn't who they thouht I was. I am ashamed and saddened that I not only let them down, but more importantly, I have let God down. This week, He has shown me who I am in His eyes. And He has given me the opportunity to make alot of wrongs right. He has given me another chance to be the woman of God He has called me to be. I already see myself changing. In my home, in my marriage, in my parenting, in the disciplines I have asked Him to help me with. I have hope now that I can make positive changes that will forever change my life, my marriage, and my children's lives. God has blessed me." young mom
"I have been praying for a revival in my life and in the nation. I found myself these past few months wanting so much more of God in my life. To feel Him and His presence more than ever. Your messages have helped me see what God wants of me in order to be closer to Him by getting rid of the certain attitudes I've had, hurts that I hadn't let go, that are now given to Him. Thank God your obedience of allowing God to use your ministry has truly helped me. It's truly hard for me to write down on paper what's in my heart." 76 year old woman
"How do I put into words, what God has done for me over the past four days. He has grown in me an insatiable appetite for His words, and His voice. Coming into this revival, I was an empty shell. I was depressed and hopeless. I was lost in my sin and God was calling me to Himself. He has filled this empty shell with His Spirit and given me passion that I have lacked for years!"
teacher of pre-schoolers
"God has revealed to me that I need to change every aspect / every way that I live my life... to move beyond myself... to forgive those that I never thought I could forgive... to be a better leader in my family and how it should be based upon unconditional love... I know my role in this world now, and that is to honor God in everything!!" young man
"God has been revealing His truths to me throughout this time. Honestly, my cry has been over and over, "Lord, please revive me. Do not pass me by. I believe, Lord, but help my unbelief. My spirit wants to be revived, but my flesh is so weak. I have failed. I have failed." It was hard, but I loved the put off-put on sheet. To actually see just where I stand in relation to God's holiness and the realization of His overwhelming grace to me. What a joy to ask forgiveness and confess my sins to Him. I have felt very cold and distant from Him. I know it is from my own choosing. These four days have been a long drink that has saturated these dry and thirsty bones. I do not feel full by any means, and though I still thirst for Him, the dryness is gone. Please pray for me. I have tried so hard for so long, and I'm good at being self-sustaining, and that has only made me more dry. Please pray for my will to be broken daily. Pray that I would walk continually walk in obedience."

Monday, October 17, 2011

A stunningly beautiful evening with family and friends.

My sweetheart and I (Mal) spent Saturday evening at Shawnee National Forest in Illinois with Shawna, Austin, Holly, Crista, Sam, Christian Slenk, and Sasha Shubert (violinist on our team). The rock structures were stunning, colors amazing, and scenery breathtaking. What a gloriously created world we live in!! What an awesome God we serve!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ministry in Poplar Bluff, MO

We are on the road again and in our 6th conference of our ministry season. Enjoy reading these testimonies from one of our THIRST conferences.

White Team Poplar Bluff, MO Oct. 2-5

“Well, I have to be honest. The first message left me thinking, “I wonder what God wanted me to get from the message?” But after attending Monday-Wednesday nights – Wow!! God pretty much smacked me with a 2x4! I see now, from the 1st message to the last, was just what I needed, what I thirsted for. I had been out of church for a few months and praise God I thirsted and was very much fulfilled. God showed me what changes I have to make in my life with my family, friends, and those that come into my path. I actually came hoping for help with my marriage of 24 years. I gave the team a prayer card requesting prayer for my marriage. I love my husband David and I want my life to continue with him. These messages had led me to
really look at myself and understand that I am part of my own problems. Thank God I am making a commitment to work on my marriage and look to God for answers, and not to this world.” Terrie

“As a staff member of the church, we are expected to “have it all together.” Unfortunately, I was
becoming unraveled. In my personal preparation for revival, I sought to empty myself and become “naked” before God, removing the masks that I wore daily. I cried out to God to be broken, because so many things seemed to capture my time and attention, instead of focusing on the Lord. I must say that my soul has been refreshed!! There are many things that have been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit that had become my idols!! Thank you Jesus for your mercy and grace!! I could not express in a more appropriate term, the condition of my soul – except to say I was “thirsty”. I am so thankful for God’ cleansing and refreshing!!” Terry

“I have been a Christian since I was 10 years old and I am now 59. Through this revival, God has revealed how He sees me. It broke my heart to realize I am NOT the Christian I thought I was. I am NOT the Christian my friends and family thought I was. God opened my eyes and my heart and I am determined to become who God wants me to be. I am a wife of 41 years, a mother
of 38 years, and a grandmother for 9 years. But today, I am a new woman – the daughter of the King!! I have re-committed my life, my walk to be someone my family, my friends, my church and my Lord can be pleased with. I want my legacy to be “Retta was someone who served Jesus and others saw His love through her.” Thank you for sharing God’s truth with us this week through your music, ladies luncheon, and preaching!! God bless all of you!! Retta

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Testimonies from Flushing, Michigan

"Wow! So much has been going on in my heart and life these past few days. I can't possibly express what has happened, but I'll try to share just a few. First, my husband and I have been married 49+ years but there has not been any joy in my heart as I look toward our 50th anniversary. Bitterness, selfishness, pride, resentment - I could go on, but I think you get the picture. This week, the Lord has been peeling off layer after layer of sin and revealing these sins in our lives. The Lord is healing our marriage!! There is still much to work on, but it is a beginning. Also, depression and anxiety has plagued me for years and I felt as if I had a huge hole in my heart. God is filling that hole with His love and grace. I no longer need the prescription drugs!! Praise His name!!"
"God has spoken to me about assuring that I pour Scripture into my children. My sons and I sat down after school yesterday and today and discussed God, Scripture and how we spend our time. He has also prompted me to live more generously. Yesterday, I offered cookies to some neighbor kids that were outside. Today, I took a bowl of tomatoes from my garden to our elderly neighbors. I stayed and talked with them for about a half hour and was very blessed. God is prompting me to ask forgiveness of several people all whom I hurt 26 years ago!! It will require getting a secret out in the open. I am fasting and praying about this. Thank you for using your time and talent for the Lord. God is doing a great work in my life and in my family."
"I have been feeling overwhelmed with life. I have a husband in poor health and unable to help with daily tasks. I find it hard to not be angry at God for my prolonged circumstances and at myself for not keeping up. The anger spills over to my husband with a lack of respect for him and also to my son, who is homeschooled, and is with me 24/7. God has convinced me that I can rest in Him and I don't need to "keep up." I have resolved to let the other things go and sit at His feet. "
"God was never real to me until this THIRST conference. I have grown up in the church since before I could remember and I prayed a prayer for salvation around age 4, but I never truly loved Jesus until yesterday through the message of the revivalist. God has revealed himself to me. I had my first real devotional time this morning, and for the first time, I was certain He listened as I poured out my heart to Him. I feel so joyful and I keep bursting into tears simply because I'm so happy. I have no doubt in my mind that God sent you to minister to me and help change my life. To God be the glory!!"
"God has given me the desire to seek Him more and put away the things that have consumed hours of my time that I could be spending with Him in His Word and prayer and doing the things that I have neglected in my home and with work. I have been reminded of God's grace to supply my needs when I give to others of my time, talent and treasures. I want Him to have 1st place in my life."
"Thank you for being here! God has really touched my heart during this time. I am a pastors kid and I have been mad at the church and at God. It can get hard, but you have really helped me. I was not acting like a real Christian and I was being a fake. Your youth revivalist helped me deal with some of the feelings."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Never Once!!!

We are on a journey, but this time, it's not out on the road. The story begins when we came home from Canada the first week of June. We began moving back into our house and tearing out a 30 foot deck outside our dining room, because we had decided to add on a room to our existing living space to accomodate our growing children and 18 team members when they are over. A work crew of 7 guys from People's Church in Canada were coming to use their time (they would be here for 5 days), talents (they are all in the construction industry), and treasures (they had all taken a week off work), to come frame out our room. We determined that we would build as we had the funds and we had the funds now to frame it in. We figured we'd drywall and finish the inside later. We are teaching our children about not going into debt, so we were committed to move forward only as God provided. Sunday, June 26th, we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the work crew. The trailer was in the driveway, refrigerator and cupboards were stocked, and the beds ready. We received a phone call from Walt, the gentleman who put the trip together, and he regretted to inform us that they were TURNED AWAY AT THE BORDER!! They had been detained for 3 hours, and the border patrol would not let them into the States saying, "You'll be taking American jobs from people who need them." Ryan had even sent a letter stating that they would not be compensated, but that this was a missions trip for them to help missionaries in America. We were dumbfounded!! Not allowed into the country? You're not serious!! But it was true. So we are sitting with lumber in our driveway, and a hole in the sideyard, and we're trying to find someone who can do the work for us. Ryan is currently working with a man (Eric) who believes he can get the framing done this weekend, and we're praying his price will be what we can afford to pay!! Praise the Lord!! We do know this for sure. NEVER ONCE... has God ever not been faithful!! NEVER ONCE... has God ever not provided for our needs. NEVER ONCE... has the Lord not made a way!! NEVER ONCE... has he failed us!! SO... we rest in Him. And we're taking it one day at a time.

Please pray for (1) That God would be glorified in our attitudes and actions (2) Good weather / (3) Financial provisions / (4) Enough manpower to get the job done expediently.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lessons from a Teenager in Apex, NC


Take the time to read this testimony from a teenager that met with the Lord in our 4-day THIRST conference. We would all do well to follow her example.

"I am a senior this year, but when I was a freshman, my mom left my father and our family. It was during really hard financial times. I didn't talk to her for almost 6 months. We lost our house. My sister went to college. My father and brother lived in a storage unit. I lives with my best friend for the 1st 6 months of my sophmore year until my dad found a house. The summer before my junior year, my parents officially divorced. I was very angry and hurt by my mother. She abandoned us. Then when my mother was given custody of me, I still held it against her. This week as I've attended the THIRST conference, God showed me that I need to forgive her. She loves me. And God wants me to forgive her. It might take awhile, but Jesus died to forgive me of my sins, why can't I feel a little uncomfortable forgiving my own mom? God is good all the time!!!"
Emily Freeman

Thank you Emily, for your example of surrender!! As followers of Christ, we should all desire to walk as He walked.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chattanooga, TN

I have no doubt in my spirit that you all were sent by God, because this revival has changed my life forever. Me and my wife were talking about and in the process of divorcing after outside counseling and church counseling, but all that changed during the revival. We are now showing love for one another and praying together and coming to church more. We are both saved and have been together for 25 years. Our lives have been changed forever and we are so grateful to God. Thanks to your ministry!!
Perry and Cindy Bates

It is hard to find the words to begin praising God for all He has done in my life this week!! I was the skeptic before your team arrived. I was thinking, "I don't need this type of meeting in my life!" Wow - was I so wrong, but God in His awesome grace continued to "prod" me along in His patient way. Monday evening, I was confronted with my sin of running to food as my comfort instead of to my Jesus. I relinquished this over to Him. Tuesday at the luncheon, I was confronted with my lack of respect for my husband. I continually kept him under a "carpet of criticism." This had been a habitual problem for most of our 24 years of marriage. My eyes were opened to this sin and I couldn't stand to look at myself as I knew God saw me. I confessed areas of disrespect to my husband and asked his forgiveness as well as the forgiveness of my children for bringing this sin into our home. Gaod has freed me of this!! Praise God I immediately felt the freedom that comes with the release of control and pride to God. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you in this incredible way and in touching others lives in such deep, thought provoking truths.
Lynn Smith

After our session Thursday night about having a clear conscience, my wife and I came home and I proceeded to confess sin from 17 years before in our marriage. God's grace was upon that moment and the healing will take time. Five hours later, at 3 AM Good Friday, I woke to an inch of water covering our downstairs living space. The washing machine hose for the cold water split open and was filling the rooms. After I turned it off, I realized we might get electrocuted because of the extension cords we were using that were in the water. Again, God's grace had protected us. I thought of your teaching and put on some praise music and began to praise God and pray for Janey as this followed our time of confession and repentance five hours before. God used this as a team-building, mate-building excercise. It was also much easier to let go of whatever may have been damaged with a focus on the eternal and not the temporal. Thank you. Words cannot express the impact you have made in our lives in Christ!!

Thank you for giving of your hearts, time and talents to bring the life and truth of God's Word to Oakwood. Through this week, God has been cleansing me of things hindering me from a more intimate relationship with Him. I have forgiven those who hurt me, and have asked for forgiveness for those I've hurt and for holding onto bitterness and ill feelings towards some. God has also been testing my faith with respect to my obedience, asking me, "Will you obey me? Will you give me control of everything?" See, He hasn't been first in my life. He's been second to other things and I have not given him the time or dedication that I should. He has broken down my pride and built me back up as a more Christ-like individual. He has renewed my spirit. I praise Him for molding me into His likeness.
Emily Smith

God convicted me of a lack of personal time with Him; and not being the example for my children and my wife. This means prayer and Bible study. Not just alone, but visible to my children. I have not been the spiritual leader of my home.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Extraordinary movements in Lexington, SC

Just outside the capital of South Carolina sits a beautiful community called Lexington. We have spent the last 4 days seeking the Lord with the people of First Baptist Church, and God met with us yesterday in an extraordinary way!!

In our morning team meeting, the Lord began to soften the hearts of our team members, and Tyler, Sasha, and Sarah came to genuine, sincere surrender to Christ!! And in the evening service, Ryan had the privilege of baptizing all three of them.

Following their baptism, our service continued on for three hours with people coming to the front and publicly sharing all that the Lord accomplished in these 4 days. It was nothing short of a divine work of the Holy Spirit.

Adultery was confessed.

Forgiveness was sought.

Bitterness was released.

Chains of anger were broken.

Salvation came.

Obedience was modeled.

Rest was found.

Joy was evident.

A teenager left the youth building, came into the sanctuary and stood before the congregation to share that he had just asked Jesus to be Lord of his life. His father put his arm around him and together, they headed up to the baptistry and the father had the privilege right then to baptize his son!!

Six individuals came to the altar to be baptized, stating that they wanted to be baptized on this side of salvation!!

We ended the evening with corporate "popcorn praise" for the Lord and who He is. What a night of rejoicing!!

Thank you, Lord!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring schedule

March 19 - Mal speaks at Pure in Heart conference in Lake Charles, LA

March 20-27 - Troy, TN

March 31-April 3 - Ryan speaks at Life Action's Vision Gathering in Asheville, NC

April 4-7 - Heartcry for Revival Conference in Asheville, NC

April 10-13 - Lexington, SC

April 17-24 - Chattanooga, TN

May 1-4 - Apex, NC

May 22-29 - Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

May 29-June 1 - Wyoming, Ontario, Canada

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Visit with Margo

A daughter is a dream come true
Pink lace, ribbons, fluff and froufrou
Giggles, kisses, bubbles, and bows,
She's such a sweet dear from her head
to her toes!!
What a joy to spend this week with our sweet Margo!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Life Church - Conover, NC

These are tesimonies of God's amazing work that He has done in Conover!! We thank Him with grateful hearts as we move on to Rocky Mount, NC for our next THIRST conference. The family and team are weary, but are doing well, and we appreciate your prayers as you lift us up to the Lord. Please be praying for us this next week, as we are in a large church of 2,000 people. Base Camp (2nd - 6th graders) is expected to have 200 children, and Happy Heart City, (4 yr. old - 1st graders) 100 children. So our team needs to be rested and ready to serve!! Austin and Holly, and the Slenk's son, Christian, will be assisting in clubs each night. Thank you for visiting our blog. We pray you are blessed and encouraged as you read about our great and awesome God!! Enjoy His presence in your life today!
"God found me dry and distant from Him. Doubts of His provision, His will for my life, and even His existence at times. He found me busy, disobedient, and distracted. As a mother of four, I have not been consistent in leading my children in teaching or by example. I have relied on my husband and the Christian school to "train up my children." Through these days, I have felt God's touch and I have a new refreshed heart. I've learned practical ways to work with our kids before time slips away. I plan to reprioritize my time."
"The Lord has convicted me that I should have made sure my children had learned godly lessons. They are now 31 and 26. My husband and I were so busy being busy in the ministry (a preacher and preacher's wife) that we neglected their daily walk with Christ. I've apologized to both (our son won't come to church and our daughter is presently teaching her 2 children). May God bless and heal the hurts."
"God has reminded me of my responsibility to teach His Word to my children. My children and I talked last night. My 12 year old son printed out a 3 year plan for reading through the Bible. We will start next week!! Our 14 year old daughter is excited also!! My children and I have not been so quick to turn on the TV. We have sat in quietness and talked about what we have learned - what God is teaching us. The Lord has also affirmed and encouraged me in reference to decisions He has led me to make which honor Him and are opposite of worldly views. It's sweet for the Lord to remind me that my sufferings have not been in vain. I am thankful for His provisions, the lessons He has taught me, and the closer walk and reliance we have in Him as a family."
"I have been distant from my wife and boys, even as much as having an adulterous relationship with my eyes and words with a woman in my neighborhood. After Thursday's clear conscience message, I lost it. I confessed to my wife all that I had been hiding - lies, fears, my past sins against God and her. The remainder of the services changed my life without question. The family revivalist and his wife took time to counsel my wife and I praise God for this Life Action summit. I give the Lord all the credit that through your team, He is changing my life, saving my marriage, and giving me joy that I had lost long ago. Thank you so much!!"
"Depression and bitterness filled my life as Life Action came to our church. After twenty-five years of pastoring, I was done, finished. But I knew I couldn't quit the call. I was in the depth of brokenness with no way out, trapped. But God met me where I was. He told me I was responsible for how I was responding to my circumstances. He said with the power of His Spirit in me, I could choose joy over depression. It was up to me. The next to last night, I chose joy. Today, my life is so different."

Friday, January 21, 2011


Ever since Christmas break when our trailer was parked at the Life Action Retreat and Conference Center (LARCC) for three weeks, we have had a mouse in the house!! We're not sure if it's Mickey or Minnie, but if it's Minnie, she has quite a large brood to feed!!

Our first clue that there was a rodent in the house was the fact that Manly's dog food was found in different places throughout the trailer other than in his food bowl. We found dog food packed in a neat little pile in a corner of the girls room. So we set out a glue trap in the middle of the pile, and the next morning, the dog food was gone, and the glue trap was moved about 6 inches,

but NO MOUSE!!

Crista found dog food in her shirt drawer. Shawna found dog food in her shirt drawer. Austin found dog food in his drawer under his bed. We set the glue trap out again with cheese in the middle of it, and the only one that got into it was Manly!! He had glue on his muzzle, in his beard and on his feet!! What a mess!! So we've yet to find our culprit!!

I (Mal) am bound and determined to free us of this menace and the sooner the better!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We've just spent a week in Okeechobee, Florida doing a 4-day THIRST conference wih our team, then spent a few days with family in Sarasota before heading to Pensacola today to take Margo back to school. We'll drop her off tomorrow (Friday), then head to Dalton, Georgia, to connect back with our team and conduct our next conference.
The day after we left Okeechobee, the church staff called our headquarters, and has scheduled a longer summit for November, so we'll be coming back!! We never complain about being sent to Florida!!
We stand in awe of our God and give Him all the glory for what He alone has done. He has blessed us with a great team, and He is working in His people. In those who desire to live authentically in our culture!! Praise His name!!

Heading to Georgia

I (Mal) was sharing with a friend about how different our lives are. I said to her, "You're an empty-nester, and I have five children still at home. You're in one city all the time and I move every week. You have a new husband (2nd marriage) and I'm married 22 years." She looked at me and said, "Mal, your life is different than most people's."