Thursday, January 20, 2011

We've just spent a week in Okeechobee, Florida doing a 4-day THIRST conference wih our team, then spent a few days with family in Sarasota before heading to Pensacola today to take Margo back to school. We'll drop her off tomorrow (Friday), then head to Dalton, Georgia, to connect back with our team and conduct our next conference.
The day after we left Okeechobee, the church staff called our headquarters, and has scheduled a longer summit for November, so we'll be coming back!! We never complain about being sent to Florida!!
We stand in awe of our God and give Him all the glory for what He alone has done. He has blessed us with a great team, and He is working in His people. In those who desire to live authentically in our culture!! Praise His name!!

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