Friday, January 21, 2011


Ever since Christmas break when our trailer was parked at the Life Action Retreat and Conference Center (LARCC) for three weeks, we have had a mouse in the house!! We're not sure if it's Mickey or Minnie, but if it's Minnie, she has quite a large brood to feed!!

Our first clue that there was a rodent in the house was the fact that Manly's dog food was found in different places throughout the trailer other than in his food bowl. We found dog food packed in a neat little pile in a corner of the girls room. So we set out a glue trap in the middle of the pile, and the next morning, the dog food was gone, and the glue trap was moved about 6 inches,

but NO MOUSE!!

Crista found dog food in her shirt drawer. Shawna found dog food in her shirt drawer. Austin found dog food in his drawer under his bed. We set the glue trap out again with cheese in the middle of it, and the only one that got into it was Manly!! He had glue on his muzzle, in his beard and on his feet!! What a mess!! So we've yet to find our culprit!!

I (Mal) am bound and determined to free us of this menace and the sooner the better!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We've just spent a week in Okeechobee, Florida doing a 4-day THIRST conference wih our team, then spent a few days with family in Sarasota before heading to Pensacola today to take Margo back to school. We'll drop her off tomorrow (Friday), then head to Dalton, Georgia, to connect back with our team and conduct our next conference.
The day after we left Okeechobee, the church staff called our headquarters, and has scheduled a longer summit for November, so we'll be coming back!! We never complain about being sent to Florida!!
We stand in awe of our God and give Him all the glory for what He alone has done. He has blessed us with a great team, and He is working in His people. In those who desire to live authentically in our culture!! Praise His name!!

Heading to Georgia

I (Mal) was sharing with a friend about how different our lives are. I said to her, "You're an empty-nester, and I have five children still at home. You're in one city all the time and I move every week. You have a new husband (2nd marriage) and I'm married 22 years." She looked at me and said, "Mal, your life is different than most people's."