Thursday, May 27, 2010

We are heading to Michigan...

I (Mal) was about to title this post, "We're heading home," but in reality, we're pulling our home behind us. But we are heading to Michigan for a much-needed break, to have some time with family and friends, and to make preparations for our next ministry season which will begin in September. We pulled away from Lakeside Baptist Church half an hour ago, and we're heading up Interstate 81 N in Virginia. It's been a great year and we're praising the Lord for all He has done!!!
Sharing God's heart for the Church,
Ryan and Mal

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The dictionary defines it as something "difficult to accept" or in describing a person, "angry and resentful." What does this have to do with what we do? We have just ended an 8-day summit at Berean Baptist Church in Mansfield, Ohio and we were overwhelmed this past Sunday with over 50 people coming to share by way of testimony how they were responding to what God was teaching them through the course of the last 8 days.
Many issues were shared, but the one thing that stood out repeatedly was individuals recognizing and confessing bitterness in their lives, either toward a parent, a child, a spouse, or another indivdual. Many of them didn't even realize that they were bitter in their heart. They were unwilling to accept the circumstances or individuals that the Lord had brought into their lives. Many were bitter towards God, and didn't even realize it. God has set so many people free this week, and we are in awe of all that He has done!!

The Life Action staff and the staff of the church met on Sunday afternoon and determined that the Lord wanted our team to carry over one more night, so we actually finished the conference last evening with more testimonies. We have heard over and over again in the past four days comments like "My life will never be the same," and "Our home is changed," and "I am free from the bitterness," and "Our relationship with our kids is sweeter than we ever imagined," and "I sought forgiveness and I now have a clear conscience. I feel like I'm soaring!!," and "We are not the same family today as we were at the beginning of this summit."
One woman came to the microphone and shared that she had not spoken to or seen her parents in 24 years, and they live in the same town!! She didn't know where in Mansfield they were living, so she got online and found her mom, drove to her apartment, and sought her forgiveness for the years of bitterness and anger she had held against her mother. She then drove to the nursing home where her father was, and sought his forgiveness as well. She asked her father, "Dad, do you know who I am?" He said, "Yes." She shared what she needed to, and he forgave her!! She made the comment last evening that she felt as though she was soaring. Free from years of anger, bitterness, and resentment. But now she's free!! Praise God.
85 men come to pray!!!
Tom and Marie Nesbitt from Ames, Iowa, were with us teaching on the family, and Tom met with the men of the church every morning at 6 am teaching them to pray the Scriptures back to God, and then teaching them to take what they were learning back home and pray with their wife and children. Many men came forward Sunday morning and evening sharing how the Lord was using this prayer time to show them that they are to be the spiritual leaders in their homes, leading their wives and children in the study of the Word and in prayer. Many men came in a spirit of humility confessing that they had not been the priest of their homes as God calls men to be. What an awesome time we shared together as a body rejoicing over what the Lord had done!!! We praise His name, and our whole family would tell you, "This is worth livin' in a trailer for!!!!"