Thursday, April 14, 2011

Extraordinary movements in Lexington, SC

Just outside the capital of South Carolina sits a beautiful community called Lexington. We have spent the last 4 days seeking the Lord with the people of First Baptist Church, and God met with us yesterday in an extraordinary way!!

In our morning team meeting, the Lord began to soften the hearts of our team members, and Tyler, Sasha, and Sarah came to genuine, sincere surrender to Christ!! And in the evening service, Ryan had the privilege of baptizing all three of them.

Following their baptism, our service continued on for three hours with people coming to the front and publicly sharing all that the Lord accomplished in these 4 days. It was nothing short of a divine work of the Holy Spirit.

Adultery was confessed.

Forgiveness was sought.

Bitterness was released.

Chains of anger were broken.

Salvation came.

Obedience was modeled.

Rest was found.

Joy was evident.

A teenager left the youth building, came into the sanctuary and stood before the congregation to share that he had just asked Jesus to be Lord of his life. His father put his arm around him and together, they headed up to the baptistry and the father had the privilege right then to baptize his son!!

Six individuals came to the altar to be baptized, stating that they wanted to be baptized on this side of salvation!!

We ended the evening with corporate "popcorn praise" for the Lord and who He is. What a night of rejoicing!!

Thank you, Lord!!!

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