Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Life Church - Conover, NC

These are tesimonies of God's amazing work that He has done in Conover!! We thank Him with grateful hearts as we move on to Rocky Mount, NC for our next THIRST conference. The family and team are weary, but are doing well, and we appreciate your prayers as you lift us up to the Lord. Please be praying for us this next week, as we are in a large church of 2,000 people. Base Camp (2nd - 6th graders) is expected to have 200 children, and Happy Heart City, (4 yr. old - 1st graders) 100 children. So our team needs to be rested and ready to serve!! Austin and Holly, and the Slenk's son, Christian, will be assisting in clubs each night. Thank you for visiting our blog. We pray you are blessed and encouraged as you read about our great and awesome God!! Enjoy His presence in your life today!
"God found me dry and distant from Him. Doubts of His provision, His will for my life, and even His existence at times. He found me busy, disobedient, and distracted. As a mother of four, I have not been consistent in leading my children in teaching or by example. I have relied on my husband and the Christian school to "train up my children." Through these days, I have felt God's touch and I have a new refreshed heart. I've learned practical ways to work with our kids before time slips away. I plan to reprioritize my time."
"The Lord has convicted me that I should have made sure my children had learned godly lessons. They are now 31 and 26. My husband and I were so busy being busy in the ministry (a preacher and preacher's wife) that we neglected their daily walk with Christ. I've apologized to both (our son won't come to church and our daughter is presently teaching her 2 children). May God bless and heal the hurts."
"God has reminded me of my responsibility to teach His Word to my children. My children and I talked last night. My 12 year old son printed out a 3 year plan for reading through the Bible. We will start next week!! Our 14 year old daughter is excited also!! My children and I have not been so quick to turn on the TV. We have sat in quietness and talked about what we have learned - what God is teaching us. The Lord has also affirmed and encouraged me in reference to decisions He has led me to make which honor Him and are opposite of worldly views. It's sweet for the Lord to remind me that my sufferings have not been in vain. I am thankful for His provisions, the lessons He has taught me, and the closer walk and reliance we have in Him as a family."
"I have been distant from my wife and boys, even as much as having an adulterous relationship with my eyes and words with a woman in my neighborhood. After Thursday's clear conscience message, I lost it. I confessed to my wife all that I had been hiding - lies, fears, my past sins against God and her. The remainder of the services changed my life without question. The family revivalist and his wife took time to counsel my wife and I praise God for this Life Action summit. I give the Lord all the credit that through your team, He is changing my life, saving my marriage, and giving me joy that I had lost long ago. Thank you so much!!"
"Depression and bitterness filled my life as Life Action came to our church. After twenty-five years of pastoring, I was done, finished. But I knew I couldn't quit the call. I was in the depth of brokenness with no way out, trapped. But God met me where I was. He told me I was responsible for how I was responding to my circumstances. He said with the power of His Spirit in me, I could choose joy over depression. It was up to me. The next to last night, I chose joy. Today, my life is so different."

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