Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Never Once!!!

We are on a journey, but this time, it's not out on the road. The story begins when we came home from Canada the first week of June. We began moving back into our house and tearing out a 30 foot deck outside our dining room, because we had decided to add on a room to our existing living space to accomodate our growing children and 18 team members when they are over. A work crew of 7 guys from People's Church in Canada were coming to use their time (they would be here for 5 days), talents (they are all in the construction industry), and treasures (they had all taken a week off work), to come frame out our room. We determined that we would build as we had the funds and we had the funds now to frame it in. We figured we'd drywall and finish the inside later. We are teaching our children about not going into debt, so we were committed to move forward only as God provided. Sunday, June 26th, we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of the work crew. The trailer was in the driveway, refrigerator and cupboards were stocked, and the beds ready. We received a phone call from Walt, the gentleman who put the trip together, and he regretted to inform us that they were TURNED AWAY AT THE BORDER!! They had been detained for 3 hours, and the border patrol would not let them into the States saying, "You'll be taking American jobs from people who need them." Ryan had even sent a letter stating that they would not be compensated, but that this was a missions trip for them to help missionaries in America. We were dumbfounded!! Not allowed into the country? You're not serious!! But it was true. So we are sitting with lumber in our driveway, and a hole in the sideyard, and we're trying to find someone who can do the work for us. Ryan is currently working with a man (Eric) who believes he can get the framing done this weekend, and we're praying his price will be what we can afford to pay!! Praise the Lord!! We do know this for sure. NEVER ONCE... has God ever not been faithful!! NEVER ONCE... has God ever not provided for our needs. NEVER ONCE... has the Lord not made a way!! NEVER ONCE... has he failed us!! SO... we rest in Him. And we're taking it one day at a time.

Please pray for (1) That God would be glorified in our attitudes and actions (2) Good weather / (3) Financial provisions / (4) Enough manpower to get the job done expediently.

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