Friday, April 3, 2009

Graham, Texas testimonies

We had testimony night last Sunday evening, in Graham, Texas, and we thought you'd enjoy hearing what the Lord did at Oak Street Baptist...

"I began this conference not understanding brokenness. As a husband and father, God found me disregarding my family for the sake of my work. I have desired the praises of men more than the praises of God. The Lord has drawn my heart back to Him and I've sought forgiveness from my wife and children for not leading them as I should."

"I was content to be a "good guy". The Lord has shown me this week that I'm to be a godly man. I have not been praying with my wife, and that is something we have begun to do together this week. We are choosing to live completely for God."

"I began this conference sad, angry, and overwhelmed. My mother and I have had a broken relationship for over 18 years. After the message on hurt and forgiveness, I contacted my mother and our relationship has been restored. We are restored!!! Praise the Lord!!!"

"I was raised in this church, and three years ago, I got my girlfriend pregnant. She aborted that child, and I have been so angry with God. I thought He had left me abandoned. I have been involved in drugs and alcohol these past 3 years. I just couldn't handle things or hold down a job. The Lord has shown me this week that He never left me or abandoned me. I'm 2 weeks sober today, and I want to be a godly man."

These testimonies are just a small glimpse of what the Lord did during our time in Graham. Our God is a faithful God that meets us at our point of need when we cry out for Him, and many were brought back into a deep love relationship with Jesus!! We are driving to Illinois just thrilled that we get to be a part of His gracious work!!

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