Thursday, October 29, 2009


"My wife and I were sharing a house, one in one room and one in the other room. We both love our 2 kids (ages 16 and 12), and we show it. It was not until this conference that we came together on the "same page" in our walk. We needed to see and hear God's Word to break us both. Now, we are more like we were when we first were married. Forgiveness, God's grace, and letting go of pride made the change."

"I had made Lilly Faye (my wife) my "second ministry" after my church family. However, God has reminded me during the summit that she is my "priority" ministry. I have known in my mind that, after God, noone is more important than Lilly Faye. However, I have been insensitive to that and put her second to the church. I know that God's grace will give me the desire and the power to focus first on serving, loving, leading, and providing for my wife. I'm also convinced that I will be a better pastor to the church!!!" pastor

"I am in a broken marriage. God showed me my lack of respect for my husband, and that I am not submissive to him and I've not loved him as I should. God has revealed to me what I need to do to fix my marriage. The teachings on how a wife should treat her husband opened my eyes and gave me tools through Scripture to learn to love, respect, and honor my husband. My husband and I have talked and are working through the process of clearing our consciences and we have begun to heal."

"I have been living a life that is not honoring to the Lord. I was going through the motions, but not allowing God to be intimate with me. God has really dealt with me in the area of having a clear conscience. I obeyed the Lord's prompting and told my husband what I had kept from him for 12 years. Then he told me of two affairs he had and I found myself lost once again. But God has so graciously given me a love and forgiveness for my husband. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am praising and thanking God for loving me so much that He won't allow me to remain where I was in my walk with Him."

"I was holding back a past sin. Through the moving of the Holy Spirit, and the obedience of my wife (above), in what she confessed, I confessed a hidden sin in my life and cleared my conscience. Damage was done and it will take time to heal the wounds, but with direct counsel and love from the Life Action team, I have already seen growth in my marriage. We shared our first personal Bible study together and it was great!!!! Please keep praying for us."

"Before this summit, I was prideful, disobedient, and numb. I was not submissive to my husband or to God. God showed me this week how I have neglected my husband. I have never seen or heard the Biblical role of the wife until this week. It has made me realize why our marriage is strained. It made me realize why my relationship to God is strained." Becky

"I have been too busy. I let my job as an Assistant Principal at a school be an idol and steal all my time, strength, and energy. I come home with very little left to just make it through the day, and I spend little precious time with my family before crashing into bed, only to get up and do it all over again. I haven't been reading the Bible and I don't pray enough. I've had Jesus, the lover of my soul, on the back burner instead of spending time in His Word. My husband and I haven't been studying the Word together or praying together. This week, we've make a commitment to resume that time together and leave a legacy of our prayer journals someday with our children."

"I have been a lukewarm believer that had come close to ending his marriage. With God's Word and conviction from the Holy Spirit, my wife and I have been closer than ever and have ignited a fire to serve the Lord more with our time and talents. All to the glory of His name!!!"

Prior to this summit, I was discontent, complaining, and feeling sorry for myself. I lost my husband in 2003 to cancer, and a daughter in 2005 to an auto accident. Because of this, I lost my joy. God convicted me this week that I need to be grateful for the wonderful marriage I had for 30 years and for the 37 years I had my beautiful daughter. I want to develop a spirit of thankfulness for where I am now. I will be able to work for God more fully since I am alone and God is my husband and provider. In all things, let me give thanks to the Lord."

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