Thursday, September 23, 2010

On the road again...

We are on the road again for our 2010-2011 travel year!! Already we have seen the Lord working in Wilson, North Carolina and Raleigh, North Carolina. Not only is the Lord using this team, but we are hearing of stirrings of revival occurring in Winstom-Salem, North Carolina where our Blue Team has been ministering for two weeks, and also in Sulphur, Louisiana where our Red Team has been in a two-week revival summit.

This weekend, Revive Our Hearts, an outreach ministry of Life Action, will host 6,000 women in Indianapolis, Indiana, for the 2nd True Woman Conference of 2010 with speakers Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Mary Kassian, Joni Eareckson Tada, Janet Parshall, Crawford and Karen Loritts, Fern Nichols, and Dannah Gresh. What a wonderful time it will be as these women gather to seek the Lord together!!!

Would you continue to pray with us for the Big R? Revival in our nation!! As you do so, continue to pray for the little r!! Revival in the hearts of men and women and children, and revival in the churches we are ministering in, SO THAT the Lord can bring about the Big R!! Revival once again in our land!!

Dear friends, unconfessed sin is crippling the church!!! One important truth that we have learned as a family is that the power of sin lies in it's secrecy. When sins are confessed, both to God, and to those we've wronged, we can live with a clear conscience, and begin to reconcile those relationships. We have a greater freedom to love and worship God, and we can be a greater witness for Christ.

We want to share with you, a testimony from one couple...

"Coming into this conference, I was below rock bottom. I had had an affair just one year into our marriage. That was 19 years ago. I was going to take that incident to my grave without telling my wife. God revealed to me during this conference that it was time, past time, to take care of my sin. Tuesday evening after the service, we put our kids down to bed, and I confessed my 19 year old sin to my wife of 20 years. She forgave me as did God. We are going to a Christian marriage counselor to help forge a path toward reconciliation, trust and honor. Had God not stepped in, suicide was on the near horizon for me. God has given life back to my dry, dead bones. My road, and my wife's will be challenging, but the price I must pay is nothing compared to the price Christ paid for my salvation. Thanks for being honest, open, and transparent with us. Otherwise, I most likely would be in the same frame of mind as when your team came in on Sunday."

"God found me frustrated that my husband was so depressed / angry at his situation in life. I was also stressed about work and the kids. This week has been great!! I feel refreshed and excited about what lies ahead for us. Last night, my husband told me about a "one night stand" he had very early on in our marriage and how that was a seed of sin that had been damaging him from the inside out. Only because of God and His great forgiveness and the testimony we heard at the ladies luncheon and last night, I was able to readily forgive and seek a greater oneness in our relationship. Thank you God for this ministry and the change it has made in our home even today. Thank you for arranging the circumstances for us to attend the whole time. You are an awesome God!! Oh, how many obstacles you cleared to make this happen!!"

Here's another testimony from a wife...

"God found me in a rut. I had plenty of head knowledge, and had seen God work in amazing ways in the past, but was very frustrated with my life, my prayer time, my marriage, and my parenting. Several things I heard this week were duplications of three book's messages I have been reading recently. I knew all the Biblical answers, but was still dry and empty. Then one thing was said at one of the evening sessions (Monday night), that brought a sin to my mind that I had been avoiding, forgetting (on purpose), and excusing. The "little" frustrations (and big hurts), all stem back to this one sin. I have kept this financial sin from my husband. I had not even confessed it to God!! This gross lie may cost me my marriage - it will definitely be a major strain. But I know I can no longer keep this from my husband. After the ladies luncheon, I pray he can forgive me for this. What a release when I confessed it to God today and asked my husband for some time alone with him tonight. Already, I know this has been the one thing hindering my Christian walk!!"
There are many more examples of God moving and working and we praise and give honor to the only One who deserves it. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!

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