Sunday, November 16, 2014

woman chooses to commit to her marriage vs. walking away

Wouldn't it be great to see headlines like this one covering the popular magazine covers in the WM checkout line instead of what we regularly see? Read Stephanie's testimony below as she shares how she had an encounter with God in a recent Life Action conference.
"God has shown me in these days that my marriage IS WORTH SAVING!! I was not in a good place when we started our revival summit. I prayed all the way to church on Tuesday night that no one would ask me how I was, because I didn't want to have to lie. I was a mess. My life was crumbling around me and I couldn't see light. BUT GOD has shown me that I can lean on Him when I feel weak. I don't have to do this alone. I can be faithful in my marriage and leave a legacy for my children. Although it will never be easy and it will take alot of hard work, and there may still be dark days, I am NOT alone. Satan has told me so many lies!! He has told me to leave - to just walk away - but I know God has blessed my marriage and with God's help, we can make it! Thank you so much for what you have shown me and my family. God is so good!!!"

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