Thursday, April 15, 2010

Enid, Oklahoma

We are driving on I44 heading east out of Tulsa on our way to Concord Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Missouri. We finished a 4-day THIRST conference last evening and will begin at Concord on Sunday morning. The Lord did a great work in Enid and we are praising him as we're driving. Our desire is to share God's heart for the Church with individuals and it's thrilling when the truth is heard and applied!! Families are restored! Marriages are healed! Teenagers get excited about following hard after God!! And individuals are restored to an intimate, love relationship with Jesus, the Lover of their soul!!

wife and mother -
"Before this conference, God found me locked up!! I didn't realize it until the conference, but I always felt held back in my continued growth in the Lord. I've learned this week that as I obey, and take the steps required of me according to His Word, He moves and displays His enduring grace and faithfulness. Jesus, my Lord and Savior, has revealed my hindered growth. In the past, my heart had been broken, so I locked it up and could only give it to God. But He has now set me free!!!! He is enabling me to give my heart to my sweet, wonderful, dear, husband!!! I now trust not only my Lord, but I am free to love and trust my husband as well. God has unlocked my heart and I am free!!!!"

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