Thursday, April 22, 2010

Resources that are available...

Through this blog, we not only want to inform you of where we are, and testimonies of changed lives, but also give you resources to aid you in your walk with God. Life Action has several websites full of topical helps based on the truth of God's Word. The websites are listed on the right side bar of this blog, and we would encourage you to visit them. Ladies, Revive our Hearts is a great tool for growing not only in our walk with God, but also for enhancing intimacy in our relationships with our husband and children. Life Action produces a weekly podcast called Infuse that you can download right to your computer that is available through We hope that you'll take advantage of the abundance of resources available to you. Our desire is to share God's heart for the Church with His church, and one means in which we do this is through our websites. May God bless you and your family and our prayer is that you would be a light for Jesus in your sphere of influence!!! Blessings, Ryan and Mal

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