Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Glory to God!! He has done miraculous things here in Cobourg, Ontario, on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Along with our 4-day THIRST conferences, we also conduct 8 and 11-day revival summits. This church happened to be an 11-day summit. Listen to the heart of this pastor as he shares what the Lord has done!!!

"God found me defeated, discouraged, and disgusted with God's people, and I'm the pastor. We needed to come to a place, and I personally needed to find myself, where our complete dependence was on Him. We were a church that was filled with divisions and devilish ways. BUT, the Holy Spirit moved in and through strong Biblical teaching, much prayer and persistence, in a miraculous way!! Lives are changed, families have found new love, men have learned to pray and lead, ladies have become filled with joy, and youth have a renewed passion for Jesus. These eleven days at Summit will forever be remembered as the significant time in which God changed our church all for His glory!!!"

And so we move on to Barrie, Ontario, to Emmanuel Baptist Church, where we are currently ministering in a 4-day THIRST conference. We trust He will move in our midst again, praying for the ultimate desire, revival among God's people!!!

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