Saturday, November 20, 2010


"I have been in a dry place in my life and ministry. I have been guilty of prayerlessness and neglect of God's Word, and overall lack of striving for real holiness. God has convicted me this week and renewed my Spirit, my love for Him, and my passion for His ministry. I have identified soome "substitutions" in my life, and am working to set them aside and turning back to God in these areas. I am back to praying God's Word and creating time to hear from Him through His Word, and I am confident that this will help my marriage and family as well. Praise the Lord!!"
Chris (youth pastor)

"I have felt wounded, confused, and quite angry. I have been doing an amazing job of pretending I've moved past it all, and able to even convince myself. God has shown me that all the "stuff" that resides within me is affecting my thinking, attitude, and emotions. I often find it difficult to concentrate. At times, I avoid God's Word because of what I believe He will probably have to say. God is, not has yet, but is, seeting me free. I am working to hear, listen, and obey. It is happening. this thing God is doing, is going to happen in my life. I don't need a bigger God. I need to trust and believe in the big God I have."
Yogi (pastor)

"Since the summit at Berean back in May of 2010, I have reconciled with my mom. I asked for forgiveness for disobedience and rebellion in my teens. She wasn't all that thrilled and convinced by my request for forgiveness, but in the months since, God has given me a host of opportunities to show my sincere repentance. My love for my mom has grown and I have felt freed in ways I have not known in the last 30 years since leaving home!! Thank you, Lord!!"
Cindy (woman attending our THIRST conference in Mansfield, Ohio)

"I have been wearing a mask. I was doing all the "right" things or at least trying to appear that way to my church and my family. Meanwhile, on the inside, hating myself. I felt lonely and so I fill that with food, cigarettes, alcohol, and an angry heart. I treat my husband and my children in a way that I am ashamed of. I feel as if they should be in the pit with me, I guess. After the teaching on having a clear conscience, I spent an emotionally exhausting 2 hours confessing to my husband and praying together. I feel emotionally raw today, but finally feel as if I can break free. I don't have to live everyday in secrecy. I am on my way to seeking God and His forgiveness. I am realizing that I am so much more than my past mistakes and that God is in the process of remaking me."

"God has found me THIRSTY, and not really aware of how close to total dehydration I was. I have been upset with my wife for not meeting all my needs. I was causing strife in my teen's life, so I'd work 14 hour days because it was easier. I was my own idol. God has dealt with me through this conference, and now, my burden is light, my marriage has hope, my wife is special to me again, my teenager doesn't avoid me, and I refuse to substitute myself for God. I now know where to be refreshed. Thank you."

"I was torn before the conference. Half of me was so excited about the conference that I couldn't sit still, and the other half, honestly was dreading it more than anything. The message on Sunday about Idols and Substitutions was directed at me. For the last ten years, I've been saying, "I'll be happy when ______." I was looking for anything and everything from alcohol to a husband to a baby to fill in that blank. My low point was over this summer after leaving my job to stay at home with our infant daughter. I felt lost and very depressed. I denied it, of course, because I have a "perfect" life. Except that what I was filling my cup with didn't fill it at all. Then I realized that I'd been missing what is supposed to be the most intimate and fulfilling relationship attainable. Thank you very much."

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